Cloud IT

Cloud solutions are ideal for companies that are constantly evolving, developing numerous applications, all while requiring scalable resources. Nexleo’s various partnerships allow us to offer both Private and Public Cloud solutions. The Cloud is the ideal solution for companies that are constantly evolving and developing numerous applications. Among other things, this solution offers the advantage of being fully and quickly scalable.

The main partners we work with are Google, Microsoft, IBM and Amazon, offering stable and reliable solutions.

Cloud computing is radically different from the traditional approach companies take to IT resources.

Cloud Management

The management of Cloud’s solutions offer different solutions, such as management by your team (training and certified collaborator by the provider entity required), management by Nexleo Hosting Provider’s technical team, or management by the provider partner.

Planning & strategy

After a complete and detailed analysis of the solutions best suited to the needs of the project in question, we draw up a planning and deployment strategy. All of them respecting certain criteria:

  • Identify best cloud partner

  • Drawing up a task list

  • Establish the technical resources required

  • Total duration of the complete deployment

  • Data privacy policy

  • Monitoring the deployment

Types of services available

The Private Cloud is the ideal solution for companies and organizations that want an extra layer of security. The performance and flexibility of the Private Cloud is the same as that of the Public Cloud, allowing you to scale resources quickly.

The Public Cloud provides companies and organisations that are constantly evolving with great flexibility and adaptability. The great advantage of a Public Cloud solution is the speed of deployment and the rapid modulation of allocated resources.

Security and privacy

Nexleo’s internal policy guarantees the full security and confidentiality of all information that is acquired, accessed or transmitted to our expert consultants. All information is routed and processed through strict procedures. Our basic privacy policy already covers most situations for our clients, however it is flexible and customizable for each client.

All data that is processed and transmitted to our consultants is automatically encrypted and secure. It is stored in our fully secure data centers, and is protected by a strict privacy policy.

Exchanges with our consultants are therefore 100% secure.

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