Good training significantly improves the efficiency and productivity of projects. Continuous training in current tools also brings a new breath of fresh air to the evolution of companies. Our consultants determine which tools are essential, and determine which further training is necessary. This avoids wasting time on unnecessary and superfluous training.

Depending on the type of training needed, it is determined which training channel is the most suitable, while allowing to keep a stable work schedule.

The company Nexleo through its director Ricardo Carvalho is authorized to provide training on all Google products and solutions.

Training management

The management of the training schedule is pre-established prior to the project, in order to guarantee total flexibility and comfort for both the consultants and the employees enrolled in the training, with a view to maintaining continuous productivity.

Planning & strategy

After a complete and detailed analysis of the solutions best suited to the needs of the project in question, we draw up a planning and deployment strategy. All of them respecting certain criteria:

  • Analyse the company, its expectations and objectives

  • Establish what training is appropriate

  • Drawing up a task list

  • Establish a continuing education plan

  • Data privacy policy

  • Monitoring the development of training

Types of services available

Outsourced training is presented in two alternatives, either through secure online training or face-to-face training in Nexleo’s intermediate (Regus) offices near the company’s headquarters. The main advantage of online training is the overall cost savings.

In-house training is the preferred solution for security and confidentiality. They are also very popular, as they are fully adapted to the company’s framework. These courses can be either grouped or individual, according to the strategy established beforehand.

Individual training is the preferred solution for the training of specific specialisations. It is also advisable when access restrictions to the necessary tools are limited to certain users, thus protecting the confidentiality of sensitive documents and data.

Nexleo in partnership with Google is accredited to provide individual and group training on all Google products, from Google Workspace to Google Cloud. These trainings are very productive and are aimed at both administrative and technical staff within a company.

Security and privacy

Nexleo’s internal policy guarantees the full security and confidentiality of all information that is acquired, accessed or transmitted to our expert consultants. All information is routed and processed through strict procedures. Our basic privacy policy already covers most situations for our clients, however it is flexible and customizable for each client.

All data that is processed and transmitted to our consultants is automatically encrypted and secure. It is stored in our fully secure data centers, and is protected by a strict privacy policy.

Exchanges with our consultants are therefore 100% secure.

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