IT security

The security of computer systems is a major problem that companies face when deploying their structure, application, server, etc. Our team is able to find the most suitable solutions, which will guarantee the complete security of the computerised systems, while maintaining a continuous flow of information.

A good security structure is the first step to prevent unwanted individuals and entities from gaining access to sensitive systems and information.

Phishing and ransomware attacks have exploded in recent years and their numbers are growing. A sound and secure structure can prevent this from happening.

Managing IT security

The complete management of the security of the systems can be carried out internally by certified employees (certification that we can provide), by the integration of one of our in-house experts, or externally by Nexleo’s Cybersecurity branch.

Planning & strategy

After a complete and detailed analysis of the solutions best suited to the needs of the project in question, we draw up a planning and deployment strategy. All of them respecting certain criteria:

  • Comprehensive analysis of current systems

  • Drawing up a task list

  • Establish the technical resources required

  • Total duration of the complete deployment

  • Data privacy policy

  • Monitoring the deployment

Types of services available

In-house management by one or more trained staff members is the ideal solution for companies with a large computerised structure, who wish to have the complete management in-house. A complete and certified training is provided by our consultants.

The integration of a consultant is the ideal solution for companies that do not wish to have an extra training load. It ensures increased and reliable system security. A totally flexible solution depending on the resources needed.

External management by our subsidiary Nexleo Cyber Security is the ideal solution for small and medium-sized projects, where most computerised systems are outsourced. A totally flexible, reliable and cost effective solution.

Security and privacy

Nexleo’s internal policy guarantees the full security and confidentiality of all information that is acquired, accessed or transmitted to our expert consultants. All information is routed and processed through strict procedures. Our basic privacy policy already covers most situations for our clients, however it is flexible and customizable for each client.

All data that is processed and transmitted to our consultants is automatically encrypted and secure. It is stored in our fully secure data centers, and is protected by a strict privacy policy.

Exchanges with our consultants are therefore 100% secure.

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