Confidentiality of documents and data is paramount these days. A single document can make the difference between winning a contract or developing a new product. Our team of consultants analyse and establish confidentiality loopholes and strategies to be applied within companies, to ensure that no loopholes are left to leak sensitive data.

Our consultants’ analysis includes a full and detailed analysis of existing privacy policies and strategies, and determines what changes need to be made.

External audits are the best way to identify security flaws in applied policies, an internal audit may be incorrect and unreliable.

Managing privacy policies

The management of privacy policies can be handled internally by a dedicated team trained in this area. Or outsourced and managed by a team of experts from Nexleo.

Planning & strategy

After a complete and detailed analysis of the solutions best suited to the needs of the project in question, we draw up a planning and deployment strategy. All of them respecting certain criteria:

  • Comprehensive analysis of current policies

  • List the flaws to be identified

  • Establish the task list for the rectification

  • Total duration of the complete deployment

  • Data privacy policy

  • Monitoring the progress of the new policies

Types of services available

The full on-site audit is the most comprehensive solution, which allows for a clearer identification of the flaws. This is carried out by one or more consultants in accordance with the workload to be carried out and the pre-established duration. At its conclusion, a complete and detailed report of the positive and negative points identified will be provided, followed by a complete presentation of the recommended solutions for the correction of the negative points and flaws identified.

A Full Remote Audit is a less expensive and equally reliable solution, and also provides a detailed report of the positives and negatives that apply to privacy policies. A full report is also written and transmitted. Finally, a full presentation is made by our consultants via video conference.

Security and privacy

Nexleo’s internal policy guarantees the full security and confidentiality of all information that is acquired, accessed or transmitted to our expert consultants. All information is routed and processed through strict procedures. Our basic privacy policy already covers most situations for our clients, however it is flexible and customizable for each client.

All data that is processed and transmitted to our consultants is automatically encrypted and secure. It is stored in our fully secure data centers, and is protected by a strict privacy policy.

Exchanges with our consultants are therefore 100% secure.

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