Deploying, upgrading or migrating software is often a complex and delicate step, so it is important to establish the best strategy to apply and follow the determined steps carefully. Our team of consultants is able to determine the best strategy and establish a precise schedule.

A complete system analysis also allows for cost savings by determining which licenses are essential and which are superfluous.

Partnerships with various companies such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, Adobe, Plesk etc. enable us to provide our customers with licences quickly.

Software licence management

License management can be managed internally by the company’s technical department or outsourced through Nexleo’s services.

Planning & strategy

After a complete and detailed analysis of the solutions best suited to the needs of the project in question, we draw up a planning and deployment strategy. All of them respecting certain criteria:

  • Understanding the customer’s need

  • Establish the strategy to be applied (update, upgrade, migration)

  • Drawing up a task list

  • Establish the time required

  • Data privacy policy

  • Monitoring the progress of the deployment

Types of services available

Deploying, upgrading and migrating to Microsoft solutions can be complex and expensive. By strategising and analysing the different approaches available, considerable savings in time and money can be made. While ensuring the continued smooth running of ongoing tasks. Nexleo consultants also establish the number and type of licenses best suited to the company. Microsoft licence management can either be managed in-house by the trained technical team or outsourced and managed by Nexleo.

Deploying and migrating to Adobe solutions can be complex and challenging. Our consultants determine which license is best suited, while ensuring the perfect strategy for their deployment, without losing the seamless flow of ongoing tasks.

Google’s Workspace applications are a breath of fresh air for many companies. They enable exceptional collaboration between employees and facilitate many regular tasks. The optimisation of Google tasks allows for a more fluid and efficient work process. Our consultants study and analyse which tools are the most suitable.

IBM licenses are mainly intended for specific projects, such as machine learning, etc., which require tailor-made solutions with high computational resources. Nexleo consultants determine which licenses best fit the project and its deployment.

We also offer Linux deployment solutions under Red Hat, as well as establishing and deploying the necessary licences. Other products are also part of our expertise, such as Plesk, etc. These solutions will be proposed by our consultants in specific cases where it is established that these solutions are applicable.

Security and privacy

Nexleo’s internal policy guarantees the full security and confidentiality of all information that is acquired, accessed or transmitted to our expert consultants. All information is routed and processed through strict procedures. Our basic privacy policy already covers most situations for our clients, however it is flexible and customizable for each client.

All data that is processed and transmitted to our consultants is automatically encrypted and secure. It is stored in our fully secure data centers, and is protected by a strict privacy policy.

Exchanges with our consultants are therefore 100% secure.

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